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Digital Marketing Agency

Did you know that 39 percent of marketers don’t think their digital marketing strategies are effective?

If your digital marketing efforts aren’t driving the results you want for your Cleveland business, you may need to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency. The right digital marketing company will help you drive valuable results for your campaign.

On this page, we’ll provide you with five tips for choosing the right digital marketing agency for your Cleveland business. If you want to learn more about how you can earn valuable leads and conversions through digital marketing, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

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1. Check out their services

When you investigate a digital marketing company, the first thing you want to do is check out their services. You want to choose a digital marketing agency that offers all the services you need for your business.

To figure out if a digital marketing company is right for your business, you must figure out what services you need. There are many services you can use to reach leads. Here are a few:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of boosting your website’s ranking in the search results through optimizations. If you want to boost your website’s traffic and earn valuable leads, this is a great method to use.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

PPC advertisements are paid ads that appear at the top of the search results. These ads are great for attracting leads that are ready to convert. If you’re looking to reach more qualified leads, PPC is the answer.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great method for building a direct connection with your audience. It’s a great way to send your audience tailored content that piques their interest.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing allows you to share content with your audience that gets them to convert. Social media platforms offer paid ads to help you reach even more leads.

Content marketing

Content marketing is valuable for helping you attract leads to your site. Content includes blogs, infographics, videos, and ebooks. This method involves you sharing your knowledge to attract leads to your Cleveland business and get them to choose you over the competition.

These are just a few of the many services you will typically see from a digital marketing agency. You must establish the services you want to invest in to help you figure out which company is right for you.

Not every company offers the same services. Some may offer services beyond the ones listed above, like page speed services or copywriting services, that are very beneficial to your business.

Once you establish what services you need, you can better focus on the right agency for you. It will help you create a list of Cleveland digital marketing companies that offer all the services you want for your plan.

Digital Marketing Agency Cleveland

815 Superior Avenue Suite 1325

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2. Look at their portfolios

Once you establish which services you need, look at each company’s portfolio. You want to see evidence that they conduct successful campaigns for those services.

A portfolio gives you good insight into the work a company does for their clients. It helps you better understand what you can expect from them. You’ll understand how the company runs campaigns and what type of results they can produce.

When you look at a Cleveland digital marketing company’s portfolio, look for experience in your industry. If an agency has experience creating campaigns for your industry, it makes them a great option for your business. You can trust that they are knowledgeable about your industry and can provide an effective campaign.

If you don’t see any evidence of experience in your industry, check out the rest of their portfolio. When a digital marketing company has a diverse portfolio, there’s a good chance they’re willing to learn about different industries. This is a positive sign that they’ll take the time to get to know your industry to create an effective campaign.

A portfolio will give you tons of insight into a digital marketing company’s style and their effectiveness. You’ll want to focus on companies that have a strong portfolio to ensure you’re getting the best for your campaign.

3. Analyze their pricing

As you check out different companies, you’ll want to make sure you check out their pricing. Pricing is important because it affects whether you can afford a digital marketing agency. You may love their services and the work they do, but if it isn’t in your budget, it won’t work out.

This can be a challenging task because many companies hide their prices. There are many reasons why companies do this, but it becomes frustrating on your end to know if you can afford them.

With WebFX, you’re never in the dark about how much our services cost! With our transparent pricing model, you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs. Call us today at 888-601-5359 to learn more about our digital marketing packages and their prices!

If a company doesn’t offer transparent pricing, you’ll have to contact them and ask about their services. It will take some time to figure it out, but it will help guide you towards digital marketing companies that fit in your budget.

Digital Marketing Agency Cleveland

4. Ask questions

When you’re ready to narrow down your focus to a few specific Cleveland digital marketing companies, you’ll want to arrange to meet with them. When you meet with them prepare some questions to ask.

Asking questions helps you vet out companies that aren’t a good fit for your Cleveland business. You will get to know a digital marketing agency better by asking questions.

What types of questions should you ask? Here are a few examples:

  • What tactics do you use for [strategy]?
  • How do you communicate with your clients?
  • Who will work on my campaign?
  • How often do you update your clients on your progress?
  • What are your team’s qualifications?

These are just a few sample questions you can ask to get to know a company better. It will help you understand how that company will value you as a client and how they’ll fit with your business.

A good digital marketing agency should be able to answer most of your questions. They may not answer in-depth about strategical questions (as it gives away their strategies when you haven’t signed up yet), but they should be able to give you a general idea of how they operate. The right digital marketing company will make you feel comfortable with their services.

When you ask questions, you feel more comfortable about choosing the right digital marketing agency for your Cleveland business.

Digital Marketing Agency Cleveland

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WebFX is a top Cleveland digital marketing agency

The right digital marketing company will help your Cleveland business grow. You’ll reach more valuable leads and earn more conversions for your business. At WebFX, we know how to create digital marketing plans that drive results.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that provides a variety of services to help you maximize your digital presence. Our team of 200+ experts will bring their knowledge and expertise to your campaign. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on us to help you create a custom digital marketing plan that works for your Cleveland business.

If you’re looking for a company that drives results, look no further than WebFX. To date, we’ve driven over $1 billion in sales and over 3 million leads for our clients. When you partner with us, you’ll get a team that is dedicated to helping your business grow.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our clients! Check out our 400+ client testimonials that attest to the great work we do for them!

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