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Web Development

Responsive Website Design and Development Services

As time goes on, fewer Internet users are content to scroll, zoom, and wait around for websites to load on smartphones and tablets. If your website doesn't automatically scale to appear properly on mobile devices, you could be missing out on valuable leads and sales. WebFX can help ensure you don't! Our responsive website services include:

  • Competitive responsive website costs, providing you the best value for your dollar
  • Exceptional work from our talented and innovative web design and development teams
  • Solutions designed, built, and tested to ensure a seamless appearance on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other devices

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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is no longer just a hot trend in web design: it's a necessity. To avoid the costs of developing a separate mobile site, to keep mobile visitors on your site for longer, and to ensure that your brand image is unified across all devices, you need a site that works on smartphones and tablets just as well as desktops and laptops.


If you haven't embraced the mobile age, now's the time to start. Without responsive design, which ensures that your website displays properly on every device possible—both now and in the future—you could be missing out on potential leads or sales.

If you're ready to embrace the age of mobile, review our responsive website development and design costs and services in the table below. These prices will give you a good idea of the cost of responsive design, whether you need to convert your existing site to responsive, create a new site, or bundle a site with a brand new CMS.

Responsive Website Pricing and Development Services

Approximate Cost
Features Approximate Cost
Convert an existing website to a responsive website Starting at $2,500
New, fully responsive website with fresh design Starting at $4,300
New, fully responsive website with fresh design and CMS Starting at $5,900
Fully responsive Magento ecommerce website Starting at $20,000
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results Included

Please note: All prices listed above are estimates. Final development costs are based on complete project functionality.

How Do We Determine Our Responsive Website Pricing?

WebFX has designed responsive websites from scratch, and converted existing websites to responsive, for many of our more than 500 satisfied clients. Based on our experience with the time and resources required to create a fully responsive website, we created the pricing table you see above.

Unlike many other web design companies, we publish our responsive design costs online because we want our customers to know how much they will have to pay for a new site that is responsive, or how much it will cost them to convert their existing site to responsive. By knowing these costs up front, we believe you will be able to make a smarter decision about your business, your website, and how best to reach your customers online.

Some of our client Successes

case study Increased
Traffic by
Ocean City NJ paddle boat
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image of heavy equipment
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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig
WebFX President

Bill Craig
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Responsive Website Development Services by WebFX

The WebFX team of designers and developers has many years of experience creating fresh, creative, fully responsive websites for mobile and desktop visitors. Our responsive website service has helped businesses unify their branding on all platforms, reduce bounce and cart abandon rates, and acquire more leads and sales from mobile devices.

WebFX now offers responsive design for new websites as opposed to mobile design because we believe that responsive websites offer a more unified experience that is more affordable for customers, easier for website visitors to use, and more forward-compatible than other mobile solutions.

Website visitor on a mobile device


Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

Responsive website advantages are numerous. First of all, one of the biggest advantages is that your company's branding and visual experience will stay consistent between devices. This will eliminate any jarring feelings that might otherwise be experienced when an ecommerce customer resumes their purchase on a mobile device, or when a visitor switches from their tablet to a desktop to continue researching your company.

Additionally, responsive websites allow your content to be displayed quickly, and so that it is automatically optimized for devices of all sizes. Visitors to your website will not have to scroll or pinch-zoom to read text or view images as they might have to otherwise. They will also not have to dig through buried menus or search for navigational links that might be hidden on mobile websites.

Finally, responsive websites are typically far more cost-effective than a dedicated mobile website. A website can be developed as responsive right out of the box for a small cost, as opposed to the additional thousands of dollars required to create a dedicated mobile site. This eliminates both time and expense from your development budget.

The WebFX Difference: Responsive From Day One

When you partner with WebFX for a new website design, your site will be responsive right out of the box. Starting in 2014, all new websites designed by WebFX are fully responsive, and we are committed to offering all new customers this service moving forward.

Other companies may charge two or three times what we do for a basic responsive website. However, new WebFX customers can easily afford a fully responsive website for their business with a fresh, clean, mobile-friendly design, and they'll know up front what they will pay for it. That's just one more factor that sets us apart from other design agencies.

Ready to create a fully responsive website for your company? Call 888.449.3239 or contact us online to find out how WebFX can help you offer visitors a seamless experience on every device.